Kickstarter Success

Thanks to the generous support of family, friends, a few “strangers” and the brilliant people at Kickstarter , I raised the fund in May 15 to publish In Mr. Handsome’s Garden. Here are the people who’ve helped me realize this dream.


Andrew Krieman

Kris Welsh

Maureen Cappon-Javey

Megan, Erin, Tracy and Jimmy Kuhles

Stephen Blackwelder

Diane Salomone

Julia Thorp and David Donlon

Monty Hagler

Cindy and Hank Gardiner

Robert T. Vavrina

Mark Hayes

Caroline Kassabian

Marian Ollila

Jennie Yi

Eli Morrow

June Avignone

Joanne Anderson

Margaret Clark

Richard Miller

Valerie Schreiber

Brigette Sullivan

John-Paul Schick

Ann Borden

John Sternbergh

Carol and Michael Tattersall

Ray Hornak

Sheila Path McMahon




Winston Greene

Catherine Williams-McCrary

Randy Johnson

McGavock Edwards

Scott Harmon

Kathy Flynn

Kendall H. Page

Joseph Gaitens

Jamie Nunnelly

Mary Hayes Burton

Toni Ann Cascaes

Jeri Ziolkowski

Cal Hackeman

Lynn Lechner

Ronnie Duncan

Pamela Cooper

Roger Friedensen

Richard Byrd

The Matthew Paul West Foundation

Eric Hunsley

Griffith Kassabian

Ted Yost

Meri Kotlas

Tracye Giles

Patricia Miller

Tarsha Rowland

Melinda Hatfield


21 thoughts on “Kickstarter Success

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  3. Keith, I’ve supported several matters through KS like this. Even got the app on my iPad! Can’t wait to help out. Congratulations! That light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. (And it’s NOT a train!!)

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