About Keith

IMG_0377I’ve been thinking about writing creatively since third grade, when Ms. Skoll got really excited about a line from a short story I wrote about a tadpole who moved from the family pond into a puddle of his own.

During high school and college, I discovered Camus, Eliot and Yeats, among others. That’s when it set in that I might have a flair for words but nothing really to say. While I’ve pursued a career in public relations and corporate communication for 20+ years now, it has been a hope that I might one day have something meaningful to say.

I think, with the artistic help of my friends Catherine Griffiths and Peter Finney, I may have found that thing – In Mr. Handsome’s Garden – a children’s book I never envisioned writing.

Mr. Handsome is a newer, hipper Mr. Rogers. He came to me over the course of a year-and-a-half, and the book itself comes from a place where goodness, openness and the belief in one’s dreams hold value.

Through my Kickstarter project and the marketing efforts I’m planning, I think In Mr. Handsome’s Garden may take hold and enable me to pursue an idea that was budding when I was in third grade … to write creatively. If you’re interested in the process of writing, the inspiration for In Mr. Handsome’s Garden or publishing a book, check out my blog, Writing & Creativity.

You can reach me at keith@hayeswriting.com.

2 thoughts on “About Keith

  1. So happy for you Keith. It is wonderful to see you pursuing your dreams- and, of course, you have something worthwhile to say!! Congratulations. Mary Beth Scully Daniels

    • Thank you, Mary Beth. You’re Mary Beth Skully from Rutherford, right? You were a cheerleader. We had a lot of classes together. I think your signature in in my Rutherford Junior High yearbook from 1975. Have always remembered you! Keith

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