A Stick & Worm

One day, Mr. Handsome almost stepped on a worm in his garden. He said, “Whoops! I’d better be more careful.” The worm was lying right next to a stick, and they stayed side-by-side the whole time Mr. Handsome worked in the garden, until it began to rain.

Stick & WormMr. Handsome scooted onto his porch, and he noticed the worm pulling the stick into leaves under a tree.

“I wonder what’s going on there,” he said to himself. And then he imagined a conversation that might have taken place between the stick and the worm. The conversation went like this …

“I am glad to be strong and straight,” said Stick. “When the winds would blow, I would hold tight to my tree.”

“I am glad to be smooth and twisty,” said Worm. “When the rain falls, I can curl up in my hole.”

“You are lucky, Worm,” said Stick. “A worm can go back into its hold whenever he wants, but a stick cannot go back to its tree after it falls to the ground.”

Worm lay silently for a minute, then he said: “Don’t worry, Stick. I will pull you into the dry leaves when it rains, and that’s where we can sleep.”

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