Night & Pharaoh

KICK Project ImageOne reason Mr. Handsome never forgot Celia’s dream about Dolphin is that it reminded him of a dream he had as a boy, when he was too young to read much on his own.

When he was little, Mr. Handsome wanted to be an engineer who built famous bridges. He had books in his bookcase with pictures of the Wind and Rain Bridge, the Bridge of Thirty-Three Arches, the Ponte Vecchio and many more. He had books about other things he also wanted to be … a wizard, a zoologist, a monkey and a great ruler who would make the people happy.

Mr. Handsome's ToysOn the night he turned four, Mr. Handsome’s mother asked him what he’d like her to read as a bedtime story, and he asked her to read about the pharaohs. What he liked about them was that they built great things – and they were tan, like him. He also liked their birds and cats. But he thought they were mean to the people, making them carry stones to build the cities but not paying them for their work.

Mr. Handsome’s mother read him some stories about pharaohs. When he fell asleep, he dreamed that he was a pharaoh – a pharaoh called Lucas the Great.

In his dream, he built 1000 playgrounds for the children and other great things for the people. He was proudest of the playgrounds because all the people came there. The children came to play. The parents came to talk among themselves. Mayors and other rulers, including Lucas himself, came to listen to what the people had to say.

Monkey & BananaIt was a hard job, in the dream, to figure out how to build all those playgrounds without being mean to the people. But somehow they did it, and that’s why he was called Lucas the Great.

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