Ladybug & Turtle

One day, Mr. Handsome saw a ladybug on a sunny path in his garden. He looked at her closely and thought she was old. That was because her wings were a thin kind of red, not bright like fire engines. She seemed to be resting.

Ladybug & TurtleMr. Handsome figured the old ladybug was happy in the sunshine. But he worried that if someone were uncareful, she could get squished. He went to find something to move her, but when he came back, a turtle was crawling out of the grass and heading toward the ladybug.

Turtle crawled slowly toward Old Ladybug and stopped with his shell hovering over her, like the roof of a porch. The turtle’s shell must have been nice and warm in that sunshine, and the ladybug was protected. No one accidentally steps on a turtle!

Mr. Handsome sat down on his porch.  He started to read a book but kept his eye on the turtle and the ladybug, wondering what would happen. He’d read a few pages then look up, and each time he did, he saw the turtle in the same place, warming up in the sun.  After a while he put his book down and went to see if Old Ladybug was still under the shell, and she was.  She was sitting there resting, the same as when he first saw her.

Mr. Handsome said: “You have done a great job, Turtle. When anyone – including ladybugs – is old, small kindnesses are best.”

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