While Parting From a Garden

When I began this blog in November, it was to explain what I’d learned about creativity from writing In Mr. Handsome’s Garden.

theworkingworldI did not expect, in November, that I’d be selling my North Carolina house during this time and moving to New York City. It’s strange. It’s exciting! It’s what’s happening.

This is the house where I learned to garden, about five years ago – at roughly the same time I learned, from writing In Mr. Handsome’s Garden, how to write creatively.

As I say: it’s strange – isn’t it? – that I should be leaving my little plot in North Carolina at the moment when my book about this garden is coming to life.

natureworksphotography.comI’m not wise enough (yet?) to draw any conclusions, but Seamus Heaney is. In his poem “Postscript” from The Spirit Level, he tells us that it’s useless to “park” to take stock of our lives. He says, “We are neither here nor there, a hurry through which known and strange things pass.” It has taken me five years to understand that line. Now that I do, I think I’ve learned something.

Seamus Heaney (d: 2013) received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995. He is among the great poets, for me like Auden, Yeats and E.E. Cummings.

Listen to Mr. Heaney read “Postscript” on YouTube.

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