What Inspiration Looks Like

I do not know who this man is, only that his image has been on my Mac for months and that I believe, when I’m inspired, I look like him. Okay – here are the caveats!

My ShivaFirst, I am not this good looking. Cute, perhaps, but immaculate? – No. Then I remind myself that this man does not go about looking like this every day – half naked with a sword and necklace (what a necklace!). I hope he has a job that he likes, for which he probably has to wear trousers and a shirt. Perhaps he’s inspired sometimes at work – a glorious thing. And then he become this man, worthy, holy, immaculate, focused, aiming at a best-of-all-possible-worlds outcome. This is what’s inspiring about him in this image. What was he seeing to become this inspired, this beautiful, this focused as he looked into the camera?

There is a piece of common wisdom I’ve heard many times in different ways: That people are their most beautiful when focused on what they love. I have seen that with my own eyes, as I’m sure we all have. A parent focused on a child. A high-schooler who has nailed a recital or cleared six hurdles in a row. Grandmothers cooking. As I say, I hope and believe I am as beautiful as this man when I am doing something my heart calls me to do. I believe we all are.

A final note: I have just watched Susan Boyle on YouTube – her 2009 performance from Britain’s Got Talent. I have not kept track of her since her great celebrity, but I hope she is doing well too. I saw this video many times when Susan Boyle was a household name, probably crying about 70 percent of the time. I cried again today at her beauty, her pluck, her Scottishness and – of course – her voice. This is what inspiration looks like.

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