A Facebook Beginning

The act of creativity is an act of letting go, and there are no limits to where, when or how creativity occurs. In Mr. Handsome’s Garden came to me over a long period of waiting during which I was just waiting – four months, eight months, I don’t know. I was in a period of gestation I didn’t know I was in at the time, but I was gardening daily, discovering conch shells and such.

from Wonderfull-tourism.blogspott.com

from Wonderfull-tourism.blogspott.com

There were days when the gardening was about digging up and laying stones. On those days, I felt I was working with my Irish potato-picker hands. There were other days when I was concerned with laying flower beds and managing the drainage at my place. I thought about the Incas then, and rice patties in Thailand.


During that time, I had a Facebook message from my friend June Avignone. June has always held an interest in naming people after animals based on a system of archetypes known best by June. She has always been the Cat, and in college with June, I became the Goat.

After June and I reconnected on Facebook, I emailed her a short dialogue between a cat and a goat. It was fun to write, it made her laugh, and it seemed like the basis for other dialogues that children might like to read. I began writing other pieces, like Antelope & Antelope, my favorite. Catherine began illustrating the stories. Over time, Mr. Handsome emerged – first as a voice, then as a character who could tell these stories in a way that would make sense.

As I say, creativity is an act of letting go, and there is no telling when, where or how creativity will come. Namaste.



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