screen-wallpapers.comIt has been too many days since I’ve posted to my blog, so today I must post something. But I feel flat. In fact, I’ve written nothing in two weeks. True, I’ve been promoting my Kickstarter campaign, but equally true, I’ve had nothing to say.

Here’s the deal: The flatness is integral to the project … whether it’s writer’s block at the beginning or a loss of direction midway through. It’s the least fun thing about writing. It’s the time when the secret mulling takes place, when the doubts creep in that what you’re writing is not worth saying. What is it? Is the purpose of the piece still valid? Are you actually capturing your main points? Are you saying anything new or just repeating other people’s ideas? But those are clarifying questions. If you don’t have doubts about your work, you may not be pushing yourself hard enough. You may not be poking holes in your assumptions and, if you don’t, other people will do it for you. I could run out all sorts of clichés about peaks and valleys to explain the importance of flatness, but you’ve been there yourself and heard them all before. Instead, let me jump to the beach.

One of the reasons we like the ocean is that it’s a place where it’s okay to be flat. Flat on your back in the sun. Flat on your back with a book. Flat on your back across the beach with hundreds of other people who are flat on theirs. A community of flatness. Flat bodies on flat sand beneath the flat of the sky and the horizon.

So, since every piece of writing should have a point, here’s mine. Trust the flatness. Take time to be flat. But also, get the writing done when it needs to be done.





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