A Garden of Wilde Delights

gold fleur de lysThis is my second time doing this – recommending online that people read Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant now that we’re entering Spring and Easter. After two whole years, I’m inclined to make this a tradition! Here’s why.

When I think about the famous Christmas stories – from A Christmas Carol to A Child’s Christmas in Wales to the Charlie Brown Christmas – they’re all so happy. Not without sadness, but happy. But when I think about the famous Easter stories – The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Ten Commandments, the Passion of the Christ – I feel sad and afraid. What come through are the pain and the suffering.

oscar_wilde__s_selfish_giant_by_superadaptoidThe only story I know that captures the sad and simple joy of Easter is Wilde’s The Selfish Giant, and so I want everyone to read it. It will likely inspire you to dye Easter Eggs; it sheds light on the pleasures of the garden; it may also cause you to shed a tear. Perhaps that just comes with the territory. Happy Easter everyone.






















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