A Business Primer on Marketing a Book

Admittedly, I’ve never marketed a book before. Lots of other stuff, from Cadbury to Pepsi, from accounting firms to civil rights. As you might guess, though, I’ve thought a LOT about marketing a book in the past few years. Here’s an overview of how I plan to market In Mr. Handsome’s Garden starting Labor Day weekend – if I raise my funds through Kickstarter!

GOAL: Sell 1,000 copies of the book with one year (about 3 per day!)

  • July – Solidify target markets by MSA. Heavy-duty research into autumn arts fairs and book signing opportunities in target markets. Begin production of starter-line of Handsome Garden greeting cards for sale at arts fairs and online.
  • August – Begin booking autumn signings and arts fairs. Finalize/produce greeting card line. Produce booth signage.
  • September – Alert the media in target markets; begin showing up at signings and arts fairs. Smile a lot! Stay in touch with friends and family who made this possible. Revise my website. Make the next set of marketing plans!

I’m keeping it high-level here, but would love comments or suggestions anyone may have.

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