Ides Wide Open

Coin of CaesarGiven that this is a blog about writing and that – this month – I will formally begin marketing my first book, it seems fitting to go on record saying that my heart is in my mouth right about now.

I’m excited to have the chance to do this, and overall I’m feeling good. But between the weather and the Ides of March on the 15th, March is a witchy month. And no matter how well you’ve prepared, a bit of luck always gives a venture some lift.

Saint+Patrick+ShamrockNotwithstanding the jitters, I’m counting on three things to keep the Ides of March at bay. First, I can name at least 40 people who’ve told me they will buy copies of the book when it’s out, and my local independent bookstore has agreed to host a reading once it’s published. Second, I’m fortunate to have developed and launched hundreds of marketing campaigns in my PR life. I’ve done it for SunChips! and I can do it for this! Third, St. Patrick is kicking up his heels this month, and I think there has to be some luck in that.

For those of you who are interested in details, here’s my timeline for the next 75 days. For those of you who are not, why not throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder for me? Thanks!

Marketing In Mr. Handsome’s Garden; Phase 1

  • Mar 2; shoot my Kickstarter video
  • Mar 10; announce to friends, colleagues, family, etc, that the Kickstarter campaign begins Apr 10; send a few follow-ups to introduce folks to the book, my website, etc. Keep engaging with the great people I’m meeting on Facebook and Linked-In.
  • April 10-May 15; Kickstarter fundraising period. Periodic updates; email, Facebook and Linked-In communications in full swing.
  • May 17; my birthday – I turn 54

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