In Care of the Soul (1992), Thomas Moore says that “soul” lies midway between understanding and unconsciousness. He also says that its “instrument” is imagination.

This is why everyone I know believes that he or she has a book inside. They do.

In Moore’s terms, all the thoughts, memories and feelings we have had throughout our lives – good and bad, conscious and unconscious – are written on our souls. Our souls are the keeper of this information. They weave our stories together with the stories of others. They are wonderful inventors.

The great thing about soul and imagination is that they can be felt and expressed anywhere and in countless forms. Scrapbooking is a great example. Quilting clubs. Gardening. Cooking. Metalwork. Marathons. The list is endless.

If you feel you have a book in you, see what you can write down. If nothing comes out, don’t worry and get back to your gardening. Remember, imagination is the instrument of the soul. The soul does not need to be written down. But it does need to be heard.

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