A Book Marketing Overview

As a long-time PR guy, I’ve helped market things from Cadbury chocolate and Pepsi-Cola to John Deere lawn-care equipment, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), electricity deregulation, health care, third-world health improvement, etc. etc. etc.

I’ve never marketed a book, but I’m ready to market the hell out of In Mr. Handsome’s Garden. As with every marketing venture, I’ll learn as I go, but at the moment, my marketing campaign looks something like this:

  • Flood friends, family, colleagues and associates with emails about this blog
  • Beg them to redistribute the emails to their contacts
  • Build a following on this blog, especially among people who are interested in creativity or the ins-and-outs of self-publication
  • Develop a pay-per-click internet campaign to promote In Mr. Handsome’s Garden, targeted especially to readers of gardening and spirituality websites
  • Get people excited about In Mr. Handsome’s Garden through my Kickstarter campaign
  • Schedule lots of book signings for September-December 2014, concentrating on indy and chain bookstores in North Carolina, eastern Pennsylvania, Toronto and New York
  • Rent space at art fairs and community events to sell books, posters and greeting cards based on the book … and Peter’s etchings, if he’ll permit me
  • Distribute review copies and news releases to local, regional and national media
  • Get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Sell 1000 copies within 6 months of publication – i.e., by March 1, 2015
  • Maybe I can attract a publisher then … or maybe I won’t need one

Details/outcome to come.

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